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Stamford GreenPrimary School and Nursery

Who's Who

Welcome to the Governor's who's who section of our website. Here, you will find information regarding our governors, their appointment and committee membership.  Also contained is the register of interests. 

Governing Body Membership

Full Governing Body Date of Appointment Appointment

Attendance for 2022-2023

Attendance for 2023-2024

Louise Druce (Headteacher)


Headteacher - ex officio 5/5  
Julia Arnold 6/7/23 Parent Governor 0/1  
Karen Donald 7/3/20 Co-opted 5/5  
Timothy Galliver 6/7/23 Parent Governor 1/1  
Stephen Gee 24/3/22 LA Governor 4/5  
Viv Gery 27/2/20 Parent Governor 5/5  
Rebecca Jennings (Chair of Governors) 29/9/22 Co-opted 5/5  
Kate Kellett 3/7/22 Staff Governor 4/5  
Graeme Short  6/7/23 Co-opted 0/1  
Vicky Sumner 23/4/20 Parent Governor 4/5  
Katie Turner 6/7/23 Co-opted  1/1  
Helen Vidal 2/1/23 Co-opted 5/5  
Anthony Simon Williams (Vice Chair) 2/1/23 Co-opted 5/5  
Beth Saunt (Clerk) 18/5/22* Clerk 5/5  
Richard Baker End of Office 21/3/20      
Louise Buckley Resigned 8/9/16      
Pamela Cross End of Office 19/2/16      
Kathryn Dray End of Office 20/3/18      
Sue English Resigned 3/9/15      
Stuart Getty Resigned 6/7/23      
Susan Hayward Resigned 31/8/22       
Ray Lee Resigned 10/12/15      
Lucy Macaulay End of Office 16/6/19      
John Mackintosh Resigned 31/8/23      
Aileen Sellers Resigned 27/9/19      
Karina Singh Resigned 28/9/18      
John Colin Taylor End of Office 30/5/16      
Louise Wheatley (Clerk) Resigned 18/5/22      
Rachael Wheeler Resigned 31/8/22      

*Term of Office has no end date.  For all others Term of Office is 4 years. 

Resources Committee

  Attendance for 2021-22 Attendance for 2022-23
Rebecca Jennings 2/4 3/4
Louise Druce 3/4 4/4
Stephen Gee 2/2 4/4
Viv Gery (Chair) 4/4 3/4
Kate Kellett 3/4 4/4
Anthony Simon Williams 3/4 3/4

Children & Learning Committee

  Attendance for 2022-23 Attendance for 2023-24
Karen Donald (Chair) 3/3  
Louise Druce 3/3  
Viv Gery 3/3  
Rebecca Jennings 2/3  
Kate Kellett 3/3  
Vicky Sumner 3/3  
Helen Vidal 3/3  

Register of Interests


Business / Pecuniary interests 

Other governance roles

Relationship between governors/staff

Louise Druce None None Headteacher
Karen Donald  None None None
Stephen Gee None None None
Viv Gery None None None
Rebecca Jennings Part of Surrey County Council Appeals Panel None Daughter employed at Stamford Green
Kate Kellett None None Colleagues
  Employed by The Laurels School None None
  Fox Grove School and Bright World Guardianships None None
Simon Williams Kinder Scout Consultancy Ltd /Epsom Fireworks Display Ltd None None
Helen Vidal None None Husband Richard Vidal, Sister-in-law Susanna Cater and Niece Lucy Cater
Beth Saunt None None 2 sons employed at Stamford Green,  colleagues