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Stamford GreenPrimary School and Nursery

Reading for Enjoyment

Blue Peter Book Badge Challenge

Our latest reading challenge is to see how many of the new Blue Peter Book Badges the school can get. Anybody who successfully applies and gets the badge should let their teacher know, so they can have their name added to the Roll of Honour below and on the display in the Year 4 cloakroom area. Who will be the first to get a badge? Which class will collect the most badges?

Did you know that Blue Peter badge holders can gain free entry into over 200 attractions (e.g. zoos, castles, theme parks) around the country?

Roll of honour 2020

Ada, 5T Darcy, 5B Quin, 5B
Roshan, 3SV Joey, 4C Aaron, 2J
Eloise, 5T Harry, 6L Miller, 6L
Jake, 4V Birjot, 4V Leah, 4V
Elsie, 4V Arlie, 4V Abigail, 4V
Emily, 2J Rachel, 3K Finley, 3K
Caitlin, 3K Alex, 3K Jessica, 3K
Jamie, 3K Lily, 5O Poppy, 4MG
Ariana, 4C Holly, 4C James, 5T
Mabel, 2J Zoe, 2J Ronnie, 4C
Ridhaan, 4C Heidi, 6L Ellie, 4V
Bea, 4V Thomas, 4C Benji, 4C
Holly, 4C Lana, 5O Theon, 4V
Josh, 6L Mason, 6L Thea, 6B
Cameron, 6B Abbie, 6B Joe, 3K
Sofia, 3K Evan, 3K Amelia, 4C
Penny, 2W Alexa, 3SV Isla, 3SV
Hsuan-Yi, 3K William, 3K Raphy, 2W
Toshi, 6DA Katie, 5T Lily, 5T
Tilly, 5T Zhuolin, 5T Lisanne, 5T
Kyla, 5T Rose, 5T Olivia, 3SV
Toby, 6DA Lilian, 3J Lara, 1B
Bella, 3J Orla, 3J Imogen, 2J
Sasha, 4MG Emilia, 1B Will, 6L
Zoe, 2J Toby, 3J Kimbrie, 4MG
Lucia, 6L Finn, 1B Azfareen, 5T
Archie, 4MG Fin, 1S Kamea, 5B
Adam, 2P Rose, 2W Indy, 4C
Dylan, 4C Leo, 4C Callum, 4C
Aadya, RP    


Class Badges
RP 1
1B 3
1S 1
2J 6
2P 1
2W 3
3J 4
3K 11
3SV 4
4C 13
4MG 4
4V 9
5B 3
5O 2
5T 11
6B 3
6DA 2
6L 7

To earn the badge, Blue Peter/the BBC say you must:

· Be aged between 5-15 years old.

· Apply for your Book badge online using the uploader form, or download the paper application form.

· Ask your parent or guardian for permission to apply and ask them to read the Privacy Notice and badge attraction terms and conditions.

· Tell us about a book you have read and what you think about it. Maybe you liked the characters, or perhaps you enjoyed going on exciting adventures in faraway places.

· Upload your illustration of a character or a scene from the story. This could be a drawing, painting or even digital artwork.

· Let us know what other books and authors you have enjoyed reading and why.

· Get your parent or guardian to help you fill out your form and personal details.

· If applying by post, send your application with the correct postage to: Blue Peter, BBC Bridge House, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BH.

Full details can be found on the BBC website.