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Stamford GreenPrimary School and Nursery

Opportunities and Thrive Experiences

At Stamford Green Primary School and Nursery, one of the foundations of our curriculum is Opportunity. We are committed to utilising experiences beyond the classroom to extend and add to the learning for all children. This ensures that the children have first-hand experiences that enhance the curriculum and give every child the opportunities to excel, grow and foster a love of learning.

Our Thrive Experiences and Opportunities complement the learning to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding. We ensure that we not only think about the places that the children can visit to enhance their understanding of subject curriculum areas, but also carefully plan for opportunities for their own personal development, ensuring that they become kind, courteous, polite citizens of the future.

It is our vision that:

  • The best cultural education can change a young person’s sense of the wider world around them, opening up possibilities for their future that may have previously seemed outside of their grasp. What’s more, the study of specific cultural subjects, such as art and design, dance, drama, film studies and music has direct educational benefits for children, enabling young people to gain valuable knowledge and skills that stay with them for the rest of their lives – Darren Henley, DfE Cultural Education July 2013.
  • To provide every child with enrichment opportunities to excel, grow and foster a love of learning through:
  1. Developing their knowledge – we will teach the children about the best of what has been created – great literature, art, architecture, music and drama.
  2. Developing their analytical and critical faculties – we will provide opportunities for the children to think both creatively and critically and to express their view articulately.
  3. Develop their skills – we will plan and create opportunities and experiences for the children to participate in and create so that they thrive.
  • Cumulatively, our enrichment activities alongside our school values, will prepare the children for life, giving them the confidence, knowledge and skills to thrive.

Please read more about the visits, visitors and enrichment activities we have planned for the children, in our Compendium below.