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Stamford GreenPrimary School and Nursery

External Clubs

All External After School Clubs are run by external providers.  Please click on the flyer links below to see more details about specific external club dates, times and booking information.


How will my child know where to go?

Children in KS1 will be collected from their classrooms and taken to their club.  Children in KS2 will make their own way to their club room.

Can my child go to Sunset after their club finishes?

If your child normally attends Sunset, please let the External Club provider know if you would like your child to be taken to Sunset at the end of the club.

Can my child walk home alone?

Children in Y6 are permitted to walk home alone if permission is given to the external Club provider.   All other children must be collected at the end of the club. Please confirm your end of club arrangements with the external club provider.

Can I collect my child from the West Gate?

Please agree with the External Club provider if your child can be collected from the lower West Gate at the end of their club.

What happens if my child does not attend their internal club?

Please let the external club provider know if your child is not attending their club and also email to let the teacher know of your change of end of day arrangement.

What clubs are available? What year groups can attend? When do they start? How do I sign my child up for the club?

Please see the external club flyer for full club details or contact the provider directly with any questions.