PTA Strategy, Letters, Bulletins & Minutes

PTA Strategy

PTA Strategy

PTA Letters

2020 - 2021

PTA 200 Club Letter and Rules

PTA Easter Raffle

PTA Spring Bulletin 2021

PTA Quiz Night 2021

PTA Christmas Newsletter December 2020

PTA Sticky Toffee Pudding Letter and Template

Christmas Tree Information 2020


2019 - 2020

YR Cushion Club

PTA Barn Dance

Y1 Cushion Club

PTA Quiz Night 2020

Y3 Cushion Club

PTA Christmas Message

PTA Christmas Trees

PTA Sticky Toffee Pudding Letter and Template

PTA Fireworks

PTA Christmas Card


PTA Stay and Play

PTA Happy Circus

PTA Christmas Market Raffle

PTA Silent Auction Information

PTA Christmas Market Map

PTA Christmas Market

PTA Christmas Tree Sale

PTA Sticky Toffee Pudding Letter and Design Template

PTA Bulletin October 2018

PTA Fireworks 2018

PTA Fundraising - Children's Christmas Cards


Summer Fun Day Location Map

PTA Alice in Wonderland Outdoor Production

PTA Y2's Big Camp

PTA Stay and Play Event

PTA Christmas Market Silent Auction

PTA Christmas Disco

PTA Christmas Trees

PTA Individual Charity Matched Funding

PTA Class Reps sending class emails

PTA Easy Fundraising Online Shopping

PTA Sticky Toffee Pudding Design Competition and Template

PTA Fireworks 2017

PTA Events website rate card

PTA Fundraising - Children's Christmas Cards

PTA Agenda for AGM 28.9.17 and Meeting Minutes from 22.6.17

Registering on PTA Events Website


PTA Bulletins

PTA Bulletin - October 2020

PTA Bulletin - February 2020

PTA Bulletin - October 2019

PTA Bulletin - February 2019

PTA Bulletin - July 2018

PTA Bulletin - May 2018

PTA Bulletin - March 2018

PTA Bulletin - November 2017

PTA Bulletin - October 2017

PTA Bulletin - July 2017


PTA  Class Reps Meetings

PTA Class Reps Coffee Morning Meeting 13.11.19


PTA  Meeting Agendas

PTA Meeting Agenda 24.10.19

PTA Meeting Agenda 19.9.19

PTA Meeting Agenda 20.6.19

PTA Meeting Agenda 25.4.19

PTA Meeting Agenda 7.3.19

PTA Meeting Agenda 22.11.18

PTA Meeting Agenda 18.10.18

PTA Meeting Agenda 20.9.18

PTA Meeting Agenda 12.6.18

PTA Meeting Agenda 3.5.18

PTA Meeting Agenda 16.11.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 28.9.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 22.6.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 19.4.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 22.2.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 17.1.17

PTA Meeting Agenda 9.11.16


PTA  Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes 9.1.20

PTA Meeting Minutes 24.10.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 19.9.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 20.6.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 25.4.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 7.3.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 17.1.19

PTA Meeting Minutes 18.10.18

PTA AGM Financial Report 2017-2018: Sheet 1, Sheet 2

PTA Meeting Minutes 20.9.18

PTA Meeting Minutes 12.6.18

PTA Meeting Minutes 3.5.18

PTA Meeting Minutes 15.3.18

PTA AGM Financial Report 2016-2017: Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3

PTA Meeting Minutes 28.9.17

PTA Meeting Minutes 19.4.17

PTA Meeting Minutes 22.2.17 

PTA Meeting Minutes 17.1.17 

PTA Meeting Minutes 9.11.16

PTA Meeting Minutes 11.10.16

PTA AGM Meeting Minutes 13.9.16

PTA AGM Financial Report 2015-2016: Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3




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