Top 10 tips for Year 3 parents

1.    Children love stories so continue to read every day with your child, or read a bedtime story together.

2.    Maths in Year 3 is still very practical at times so continue to practise maths in fun and practical ways such as for cookery, shopping etc. Handling money, length and weight measures are really great experiences in purposeful activities.

3.    Try to learn times tables, in and out of sequence, off by heart and at speed. If confident with these, learn the associated division facts. In Year 3, we are aiming to know the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables by the end of the year.

4.    Practise spelling patterns and high frequency word spellings using strategies such as the 'Look, cover, say, write, check' method or by using the spellotron game on the school website.

5.    Find out as much as you can about our themes. There are lots of places in and around London connected to our themes e.g. Natural History Museum and Hampton Court.

6.    Write diaries, letters for enjoyment and real purposes.

7.    Find opportunities for learning everywhere – even a walk in the woods can be full of opportunities. Talk about what you can see, hear, feel. Describe everything.

8.    Continue to encourage your child to gain independence. Ask them to carry out short tasks for you. Give two or more instructions at a time.

9.    Look for opportunities to read text in the environment. What can they find out about the world around them?

10.  Try to play longer, more complex games at home. Board and card games are good.


Year 3 Homework expectations

In Years 2 to 6 Homework Passport tasks are completed as homework in addition to daily reading and times tables practise as well as learning spellings from Learning Journals and from the High Frequency spelling list for their particular year group. All children will be tested every 1/2 term on a random 20 words from their High Frequency word list. This test will be completed in Learning Journals.

Please visit the Homework section of this website for further information and to download Homework Passports and High Frequency word lists.

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