Top 10 tips for Year 2 parents

1.    Maths in Year 2 is very practical which can be supplemented with board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Dominoes, Ludo etc.

2.    You can also support your child by partitioning house numbers, bus numbers etc. into tens and units.

3.    When out and about with your child, encourage them to think about why things happen.

4.    Look for opportunities to reinforce the number bonds to 10 and 20 eg 6+10, 5+5 etc.

5.    When the opportunity arises let your child handle money and work out change.

6.    When practising spellings in sentences, remind your child to start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop.

7.    Encourage your child to read road-signs, the backs of food packages to increase their sight vocabulary.

8.    Look for opportunities to rehearse times tables – children should be able to recall these rapidly not just in order.

9.    Encourage the children to use a wide range of vocabulary e.g. using interesting adjectives to describe an object.

10. Your child might like to keep a diary while on holiday or write a recount of a special event – children are welcome to bring these in to be shared with the class.


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Homework expectations

In Years 2 to 6 Homework Passport tasks are completed as homework in addition to daily reading and times tables practise as well as learning spellings from Learning Journals and from the High Frequency spelling list for their particular year group. All children will be tested every 1/2 term on a random 20 words from their High Frequency word list. This test will be completed in Learning Journals.

Please visit the Homework section of this website for further information and to download Homework Passports and High Frequency word lists.

Supporting a child with Phonic Spelling


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