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Stamford GreenPrimary School and Nursery


As a school we know the importance of educating both the mind and heart.  As a result we have partnered with MindUP to train the staff so that they can give the children the tools to recognise and reduce stress so they are not carrying it and can lead happy lives.

We have chosen MindUP as it aims to:

  • Teach children well being and resilience
  • Increase feelings of optimism and enhance well being
  • Improve self-control and self management
  • Help children understand their brains and the effect on emotions and behaviour
  • Engage the children in school and community
  • Increase empathy and compassion and reduce bullying

The MindUp lessons revolve around neuroscience and it has been wonderful to see the children eagerly embracing concepts and the high order scientific vocabulary that they have been introduced to. Terminology such as the pre frontal cortex, hippocampus and amygdala are now referred to amongst even the youngest children in the school!

Please see the MindUp Parent Booklet for more information.