Welcome to Year 1

Our focus in Year 1 is on developing children’s literacy skills. We believe that strong skills in reading and writing are vital for future learning and that if children have confidence in their ability to read and write when they leave Year 1 they will be able to access and enjoy the curriculum as they travel through the school. Our aim is to foster a love of stories and reading and provide our children with the tools they need to become lifelong learners.

Each day children take part in a phonics session which develops recognition of letters and sounds. This supports both reading and writing.

Also each day, children take part in a reading session during which they work on reading activities at their own level. During this time each group has a weekly handwriting focus session and all children read with the class teacher once during the week. Those children who need extra support use the school reading scheme with a teaching assistant.   

In the daily English lesson children share and investigate books by a range of authors. Through the year they develop stamina in writing and learn about different types of writing. Later in the year, much of our English is linked to the current theme.

We ask that parents and carers support their children’s learning and share their successes by reading daily at home. Experience shows that those children who read every day at home make considerably more progress than those who don’t.

Our aim is to make the transition from Reception to Year 1 as smooth as possible so maths, science and foundation subjects are covered in an active, investigative way similar to learning in Reception. Children have "Supergroup Activities" when they take part in a range of child-led tasks in the Autumn Term. The transition towards more formal teaching continues after Christmas, with less time given to child- led tasks and by the summer term lessons look similar to those in Year 2. 

As part of the Government initiative to encourage children to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day children in Year 1 receive a piece of fruit each day. This is usually eaten at story time.

We aim is to support the children as they move from the less formal curriculum of Reception to the more structured lessons of Key Stages 1 and 2. We encourage them to become more independent, managing their own belongings and taking responsibility for following class routines.


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