Staff List

Headteacher – Mrs L Druce

Deputy Headteacher – Miss V Swann

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs K Dray

Leadership and Management Team

Headteacher – Mrs L Druce

Deputy Headteacher – Miss V Swann

Deputy Headteacher / Inclusion Leader – Mrs K Dray

School Business Leader – Mrs J Lee

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs H Vidal

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs L Glaister

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs A Peters

Office Staff

Communications and PA to the Headteacher and LMT - Mrs L Wheatley and Mrs N Thorpe

Principal School Secretary - Ms B Saunt

School Data, Welfare and Attendance Officer - Mrs S Irwin

School Finance and Resources Officer - Mrs F Wishart

School Community Relations Officer - Mrs L Yeld and Miss L Hawker

School Nursery and Finance Administrator - Mrs G Noble

Support Staff

Play Leader (Sunset/Extended Services) – Mrs O Briggs

Play Leader (Sunrise) – Mrs R Hodgson

Family Support Worker – Mrs H Owens-Leather

Premises Leader – Mr P Briggs

Premises Assistant - Mr L Evans

Kitchen staff - Aspens

Teaching Staff 2019-2020

YN - Mrs V Frost & Mrs A Hughes

RL - Miss H Larcombe

RT – Mrs H Temlett

RVB – Mrs H Vidal and Mrs S Ball 

1B – Ms G Beadle

1R - Miss E Rose

1MV – Mrs J McClelland and Mrs H Vidal 

2G - Mrs L Glaister

2F – Mrs C Fahey

2P - Miss Poole

3A – Miss A Abela

3HS – Mrs H Smith 

3S – Mrs A Spooner

4B – Miss S Bidwell

4J – Miss J Jenkins

4V – Mr R Vidal

4W - Ms K Webb

5B – Mrs K Beunderman

5J - Mrs E Jayasuriya

5W - Mrs E Williams

6DA – Mr J Deane-Armstrong

6L – Mr D Loughlin

Miss L Croucher - SCITT Trainee

Mrs S Cater - Spanish Teacher

Miss L Verlander - Cover Teacher

Maths Subject Leader - Mrs H Vidal

English Subject Leaders - Miss V Swann/Mrs A Spooner

Teaching Assistants

HLTA – Mrs S James

HLTA - Mrs K Kellett

Mrs S Anderson

Mrs R Anwar

Mrs J Bowe

Mrs D Baker

Mrs G Balmford

Miss E Brown

Mrs R Costello

Miss S Duro

Mrs J Edwards

Mrs R English

Mrs A Garner (Sports Coach)

Mrs H Haris

Miss S Hawken

Mrs C Howe

Mrs S Jennings

Mrs J Matthews

Miss K Richter

Mrs R Stephens 

Mrs S Victor

Ms Z Hall


Nursery Teaching Assistants

Lead Nursery Teaching Assistant - Ms S Wilson

Lead Nursery Teaching Assistant - Miss F Baker

Lead Nursery Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Christofides

Mrs L Bennett

Mrs R Hodgson

Ms K Marasigan

Ms S Overall



Extended Services:

Miss L Cater

Mr N Lee

Mrs A Rana

Mr R Temlett

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Stamford Green Primary School
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