In Year 2, children get the opportunity to be a Prefect. Prefects should demonstrate excellent behaviour and show our school values at all times. Class teachers select 5 children per class to be Prefects for half a term, after which new ones are chosen. Each child performs their duties on a certain day each week and they are responsible for being in the right place at the right time. It is an excellent chance for children to shine in this role and we give each child who is chosen to be a Prefect with a personalised award.

Some of the responsibilities of a Prefect include:
 - cutting up food for younger children
 - helping to fill up cups with water from the jug
 - re-filling water jugs when empty
 - helping to serve food at the salad bar
 - helping to clear up and tidy after lunch
 - encouraging children who drop food or rubbish to pick it up
 - re-filling the cutlery pots, if needed
 - being willing to ask for help from the Prefect Leaders if needed

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