Who's who

Welcome to the Governor's who's who section of our website. Here, you will find information regarding our governors, their appointment and committee membership.  Also contained is the register of interests. 

Full Governing BodyDate of AppointmentAppointmentAttendance for 2016-17 Attendance for 2017-18

Richard Baker

Louise Druce (Headteacher)


Headteacher - ex officio4/45/5

Karen Donald

29/2/16Parent Governor4/43/5

Stuart Getty

17/6/15Parent Governor4/45/5

Rebecca Jennings

3/9/15Parent Governor4/44/5

Kate Kellett

2/7/18Staff Governor-1/1

John Mackintosh


Lucy Macaulay

17/6/15Parent Governor4/45/5

Aileen Sellers


Karina Singh


Helen Vidal


Anthony Simon Williams (Chair of Governors)


Louise Wheatley (Clerk)

Sue EnglishResigned 3/9/15--
Louise BuckleyResigned 8/9/16--
Pamela CrossEnd of Office 19/2/16--

Kathryn Dray

End of Office 20/3/18

Ray Lee

Resigned 10/12/15

John Colin TaylorEnd of Office 30/5/16



*Term of Office has no end date.  For all others Term of Office is 4 years. 

Resources Committee:

Attendance for 2016-17Attendance for 2017-18
Rebecca Jennings (Chair)5/53/4
Richard Baker3/54/4
Kathryn Dray2/52/2
Louise Druce4/54/4
John Mackintosh3/54/4
Karina Singh3/51/4
Anthony Simon Williams4/52/4


Children and Learning Committee:

Attendance for 2016-17Attendance for 2017-18
Aileen Sellers (Chair)2/33/3
Karen Donald2/32/3
Louise Druce3/33/3
Stuart Getty2/31/3
Lucy Macaulay3/33/3
Helen Vidal3/33/3
Anthony Simon Williams3/33/3


Register of Interests:

Business / Pecuniary interests 

Other governance roles

Relationship between governors/staff

Karina Singh NoneNoneNone
Louise Druce


Karen DonaldNoneNoneNone
Stuart GettyEmployed by Ewell Castle SchoolNoneNone
Rebecca JenningsPart of Surrey County Council Appeals PanelNoneNone
Kate KellettNoneNoneColleagues
Lucy MacaulayRuns a breakfast club for Stamford Green childrenNoneNone
John MackintoshEmployed by Surrey County Council Waste DivisionNoneNone
Aileen SellersEmployed by Lovelace Primary SchoolNoneNone
Victoria SwannNoneNoneColleagues
Simon WilliamsNoneNoneNone
Helen VidalNoneNoneWife of Richard Vidal, Sister in Law of Susanna Cater
Louise WheatleyHusband employed by Harris Federation at Harris Academy PurleyNoneColleagues
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